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About us

What is BitFins?

BitFins is a customizable digital aquarium platform that leverages blockchain & AR/VR technologies to grant full ownership of fish, their environments, and underwater decorations as unique digital collectibles.
BitFins was born to provide a digital alternative to traditional aquariums and also serves as a 3D art gallery with support for all collectibles on multiple blockchains as personalized decorations.

Digital collectibles from Arbitrum, Avalanche, Cardano, Ethereum, Optimism, and Polygon are all supported. Collectors can trade and gift fish as they please without the need for a 3rd party platform.

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Blend of Fantasy & Realism

Enjoy an intertwined experience of realistic and fictional creatures.

Unique Decorative Experience

Use each of your decorations as many times as you want to build the aquarium of your dreams. Your pocket of a larger ocean is a blank canvas to create with.

Extensive Interaction included

Use your collectibles in augmented reality on your phone, watch your fish swim in their own ocean, and see them interact with their surroundings inside of your own personal oceans.

How we work


Follow the steps below to get started with our aquariums!

Set up your wallet

Make sure you open a wallet to get full use of our platform and assets. We recommend Etrnl as a wallet due to its features and mobile wallet app.

Buy your assets

Buy one of our active sales directly from us or search around on secondary markets like JPG.Store for something you want!

Use your NFTs

View your NFTs on and paste in your wallet address or open our aquarium app to start building aquariums with your assets!

Trade Assets

Want to get a new fish or trade for more decorations? Hop on JPG.Store and sync your wallet to find out what's selling.

Our team

Meet our TEAM

Who we are

Our team is based in multiple regions around the world including Africa, Brazil, the UK and the US. Combined we have an extensive history of experience in the aquarium, blockchain and game development industries.

Tyler (dreamcoin)

Founder & CEO

Brett Raymer

Marketing & Aquarium Expert

Matt (hookman)

Blockchain & Game Development

Nathanael (cgfarmer)

3D Character Artist

Kame Coin

Community Manager

VHL Victor

3D Artist & Lead Environment Design


Looking for answers?

What are NFTs?

An NFT is a Non-Fungible Token which is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio and other types of digital files by using metadata. In our project, NFTs represent fish, creatures, and decorations that can be used in our aquarium platform!

How do i get NFTs?

You can either buy directly from us while we are having sales or trade for them on secondary markets like JPG.Store.

What can I do with NFTs?

You can use our NFTs inside of our aquarium platform (creatures swim around and decorations are available for you to place) and you can view them on Pool.PM with your wallet to use them in augmented reality mode. You can also trade or gift them to other people you think may enjoy specific assets more. Have a kid you want to give an aquarium? Simply make them a wallet and send them their fish!

Are NFTs Bad for the environment?

We understand the concerns and have carefully decided the design of our aquariums around environmental conservation and sustainability. Our native blockchain is Cardano, which uses only 6GWh of energy annually for the entire chain. When comparing our digital aquariums to the fact that 11.5 million U.S. households have aquariums, we could hypothetically replace all of those household aquariums with our platform on 40 inch screens and the Cardano blockchain, which would save over 750 million U.S. households worth of energy per year. This conserves about 43% more energy in comparison to traditional aquariums, even with blockchain energy factored in.

What is the future of BitFins?

We plan to become a global brand focused on the next generation of aquatic pet-keeping in the digital space. We want to support the aquarium hobbyist industry with an option to enjoy aquascaping and pet interactivity through our unique connection to blockchain. Your fish and decorative assets will always be yours and are free to be given away or sold however you like. Our longterm goal is to be the primary solution to aquarium enthusiasts wanting a digital option, which currently doesn't exist in the format that we are providing between AR, VR, and unique customization features.

I don't have crypto. How can I use BitFins?

You can always reach out to us on Discord, Instagram, or Twitter for help with anything involving setting up a wallet, getting your first NFTs or even using our platform and AR features! We also have video tutorials on Youtube if you get stuck with step by step instructions.