Your Digital Sanctuary

Living Digital Ecosystem

The concept behind BitFins is to provide an interactive art display where everyone’s collections could be used however they want in a way that gives use to virtually any NFT in their possession. The end phase (outside of continual development, releases, and quality of life updates) involves a customizable aquarium system that your aquatic creature and decoration NFTs will be present inside of with space designated for use with your other non-project NFTs to display them.

Unique Species

Every creature series will involve new species that have been discovered inside of the ecosystem. Each species will have multiple colorations from evolution while the exclusively exotic species will exist as an endangered class that are hard to find. Some species will be more hostile towards other fish while others will coexist peacefully. If you’re lucky, you may get a variant that evolved to be a different temper than the rest of their species!


Aquarium decorations will come in their own series separate from creatures, allowing for unique combinations between individual holders. Substrates, lighting, coral, plants, and more will be available for you to make your personal environment more fitting to your preferred aesthetic. Holders leading into the first generation of aquarium decorations will be eligible for Decor Drops as well!


We wanted the maximum level of customization possible for everyone to enjoy their designs to the fullest extent. Flooring will be tiled so you can mix and match substrates, moss, and more unique environments in whatever patterns you choose. Native decorations for BitFins will be placeable in a drag and drop format so that you can place them in a 3D plane on the bottom of the tank as well as along the walls. We will even have placeholder spots so that your extra NFTs in your wallet (such as Unsigs) can be displayed proudly on the glass of your aquarium background for your fish to swim by!

Whats floating around so far?

These stats are based on the total announced items, some items may not have been minted yet.










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Frequently Asked Questions

  • An NFT is a non-fungible token (NFT), which is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be used to represent items such as photos, videos, audio and other types of digital files by using metadata.

  • You should pay only using ADA from either a Yoroi or Daedalus wallet. DO NOT send ADA from an exchange such as Coinbase or Binance.

  • Series 1


    Bitfins X Bokeh


    Depths of Creation

  • BitFins will be an aquarium ecosystem designed in the digital space that can access all of the NFTs in your wallet to design your aquarium. Assets native to the BitFins project will have specific designs and animations inside of the Unity engine for our aquariums and designated spaces will be designed to allow for placing your other NFTs outside of the project such as Unsigs or your other NFTs that you’d like to display!

  • We don’t have a hard deadline as of now due to needing to beta test and fully design our system # but the current plan is to start beta testing the ecosystem integration before the second half of 2022.

  • Holding BitFins creature NFTs from the first series entitle you to receive airdrops for aquarium decorations when we release those. Each person holding 1 creature NFT will receive 1 Decor Drop, while anybody holding 5 or more creature NFTs will receive 2 Decor Drops.